Audio exposition of artworks

0 Historical notes about the church

1 Madonna and Child

2 Epigraph by Iacopo Del Cassero

3 Stories of Saint Domenico

4 Madonna entrhoned with Child

5 Madonna of the Rosary

6 Stories of Saint Maria Magdalena

7 Saint Tommaso d’Aquino adoring the Crucifix

8 The engagement of Maria

9 Saint Vincenzo Ferrer

10 Madonna with Child and Saints

11 Coat of Arms and plaque of the Sepulchre of the Municipality

12 Birth of Saint Giovanni Battista

12b Penitent Saint Jerome

13 Madonna of the Rosary

13b Madonna with Child and Saints Augustine, Dominic and Crescentinus

14 Annunciation

15 Madonna with Child and Saints Tommaso e Girolamo

16 Madonna of the Rose

17 Sacred Family

18 Madonna with Child on the clouds

19 Madonna with Child in glory

19b Virgin and Child

20 Madonna with Child and Saints

20b Martyrdom of Saint Lucia

21 Epigraph of Pietro De’ Pili

21b Christ crowned with thorns

21t Sacred Family

22 Madonna with Child anthroned and Saints

22b Saint Anthony of Padua and Child

23 Deposition

24 Ecstasy of Saint Filippo Neri

25 Agar and Ismaele

26 Padre Carlo da Motrone

27 The dream of Saint Giuseppe

28 S. Jerome and the Angel

29 The vision of Saint Carlo Borromeo

30 Saint Maria Magdalena penitent

31 Annunciation

32 Madonna and Child and Saint Agostino

33 The miracle of the bread and fishes

34 Stories of Saint Giovanni Battista

35 Madonna and Child and Saints

36 Rinalducci Plaque

37 The Supper of Betania